Kings of the King's Road (Signed Paperback edition)

Signed by Ron 'Chopper' Harris

Long-awaited paperback release of the bestselling Kings of the King’s Road (published in hardback in 2004), the story of Chelsea’s glorious and glamorous team of the late sixties and early seventies and their incredible champagne lifestyle – in their own words. Includes a brand new postcript on the late Peter Osgood based on the recollections of his team-mates and a transcript of a Radio 5 Live ‘Kings of the King’s Road special’ featuring Osgood, Ron Harris and Alan Hudson.

“Playing in this magnificent Chelsea team was unbelievably exciting. The sixties were in full swing and that was reflected in our style of play – both on and off the pitch! Kings of the King’s Road is a brilliant re-creation of those incredible times.”
Alan Hudson, Chelsea, 1969-74