The Everton Miscellany

Signed by Kevin Sheedy

The fully revised and updated 2012 edition of The Everton Miscellany is essential reading for fans in the blue half of Liverpool.

Written by lifelong Everton devotee Mark O'Brien, editor of the popular fanzine When Skies Are Grey, this goldmine of information reveals all manner of facts, feats and stories from the proud history of one of English football's most prestigious clubs.

A rich source of quirky trivia, the book explains how Everton actually started life at what is now the home of their arch-rivals in Anfield and why they came to be known as the Toffees, as well as tracing the origin of the club's famous crest.

In addition, it also tells the story of the referee who scarred a generation of Evertonians, reveals Howard Kendall's not-so-diplomatic exchange with the Bayern Munich bench and explains how the club played its part in the birth of a famous terrace saying which still rings around football grounds across the country today.

Alongside these meticulously researched entries are biographical sections on club heroes like Dixie Dean, Graeme Sharp, Neville Southall, Duncan Ferguson and David Moyes as well as detailed season-by-season records to satisfy even the most ardent of statisticians.

With its extensive array of facts, feats and anecdotes to chew over, this labour of love is the perfect Christmas present for the Everton fan in your life - young or old.

Beautifully printed on imitation cloth. Signed by Kevin Sheedy