Kings of the King's Road

Kings of the King's Road

The Great Chelsea Team of the 60s & 70s

By Clive Batty

Foreword by Alan Hudson

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ISBN: 0954642813

Format: Hardback

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Published: September 2004

With their long hair and sideburns they fired Chelsea to FA Cup and European glory on the pitch, and swaggered up and down the King's Road off it. Peter Osgood, Alan Hudson, 'Chopper' Harris... this is the tale of the great Chelsea team of the late sixties and early seventies and their incredible champagne lifestyle - in their own words.

Re-live the days which saw the Blues establish themselves as London's glamour club - from victory over arch rivals Leeds in the epic 1970 FA Cup Final to beating the mighty Real Madrid in the European Cup Winners Cup after a night on the cocktails. Roll back the years to the days when the players shared the pre-match dressing room with film stars like Raquel Welch and Steve McQueen, and then partied all night with the Rolling Stones.

Clive Batty has painstakingly tracked down the Kings of the King's Road, from the big name stars like Osgood and Hudson to unsung heroes like John Dempsey, Tommy Baldwin and John Boyle. Batty has talked to managers Tommy Docherty and Dave Sexton, as well as a Shed-full of fans, friends and acquaintances of this legendary team to record hundreds of amazing untold stories from this golden era of the Blues.

What emerges is a story of a brilliantly gifted, fabulously flamboyant team whose legacy - even in the exciting modern era of the premier and champions leagues, millionaire foreign owners, manager and stars - has never been more keenly felt at Stamford Bridge.

"Playing in this magnificent Chelsea team was unbelievably exciting. The sixties were in full swing and that was reflected in our style of play - both on and off the pitch! Kings of the King's Road is a brilliant re-creation of those incredible times."
Alan Hudson, Chelsea, 1969-74


  • Foreword by Alan Hudson
  • 16 page colour picture section

Clive Batty writes for Chelsea's matchday programme, as well as contributing to the club's official magazine of which he is a former editor. He also writes articles for various football magazines as well as travel features for the Daily Mail.



October 2004

This book is the story of the Chelsea sides that played between 1961 and 1975 and, in essence, is a story that climaxes in the (two) glory years that, for many loyal Chelsea supporters, up until 1997 was the mainstay of their pride.

Clive Batty is a name that will be familiar to many. He is the former editor of The Chelsea Magazine. His story begins with the introduction of Tommy Docherty's methodology and how the Scot built the side that were, throughout the middle Sixties, the 'nearly men' of the English game. Although under the Scots' guidance, Chelsea gained promotion to the 1st Division in 1963 and then went on to lift the League Cup in 1965, the period of Chelsea history most closely linked to the majority of Chelsea supporters I know came after Dave Sexton took the helm in October 1967. Although the likes of Osgood, Harris, McCreadie, Houseman, Bonetti were all players signed or brought on by Docherty, it was under Sexton that the 'real' glory came. He was the tactician that blended a team that was pure skill, grit, determination and panache, a team that would be forever remembered as THE glamour side of the era.

Kings Of The King's Road is written in a style reminiscent of the King / Knight Hoolifan and The Naughty Nineties books but, rather than focus on the off the field activities (although they are mentioned), instead concentrates on the players and the sides that they played in during the period covered in the book. The sleeve notes by Alan Hudson, one of the stars of the great 70's Chelsea side, read as follows, "Playing in this magnificent Chelsea team was unbelievably exciting. The Sixties were in full swing and that was reflected in our style of play - both on and off the pitch! 'Kings Of The King's Road' is a brilliant recreation of those times." However, the great thing about this book is that, not only are their exclusive interviews with many of the players themselves but there is also a great input from some of the supporters who were there when the games that are written about were played (and they're still going now...) The 'Were Are They Now?' chapter at the end gives an 'update' on what many of the people that were mentioned in the book are doing today. The statistics pages give account of Chelsea's record in all competitions between 1961 and 1975.

One of the reasons that people were attracted to the Chelsea side of the late '60's and early '70's because the team as a whole, had an air of being a band of loveable rogues. Batty's book brings to life some of the incidents and antics that the players were involved in, as well as adequately describing what the build up to games was like, how the matches were won, lost or drawn and what happened afterwards. As with the story of the 1955 Championship winning side, "Kings Of The King's Road" is a must for all serious Chelsea supporters '. As well as the entertaining tales of the players themselves, it gives a complete insight into what is was like to be a Chelsea supporter during the Seventies. As well as that, there are some glorious pictures of some of the men that, for many, are still heroes today. If you're short of knowledge or just want to be reminded of what times were like, please, read this book!

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