El Becks: A Season in the Sun

El Becks: A Season in the Sun


By Alex Leith

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ISBN: 0954642805

Format: Hardback

Pages: 376pp

Size: 234x153mm

Weight: 600grammes

Published: July 2004

The real story of David Beckham in Spain. Alex Leith journeys the length and breadth of this vast country in David Beckham's footsteps, travelling to Real Madrid's away matches and mingling with everyone from hardcore ultras to the English press pack. He meets Spain's world famous drum-beating fan, the priest who challenged Ronaldo to a match and a dog called Figo. He goes in goal while kids shoot oranges at him in Seville and drinks pints with the English fans of Malaga. He chats to Beckham's team-mates and opponents, blags his way into the Real Madrid training ground and comes face to face with El Becks himself. As the season unfolds, through Leith's adventures we discover what Spain really makes of Beckham and 'los galacticos' of Real Madrid, along the way exploring the centuries old rivalries and fierce underlying politics that define Spanish football, and experiencing the warmth, colour and diversity of Spain itself.

A unique and thought-provoking angle on the David Beckham story.

Hugely entertaining football travelogue, as Leith trails the multi-millionaire Beckham from Andalucia to Zaragoza on a shoestring.

An education in Spanish football, and how it is fascinatingly and inexorably entwined in regional rivalry, politics, hatred and war.

Featuring interviews with opposition players, Beckham's team-mates, left-wing ultras, Basque separatists, Spain's most famous drum-beating supporter, a female referee and much more... including what happened when Leith came face-to-face with Beckham himself.

Read how Leith became famous himself, his journey making the Spanish national and local press and radio along the way.

About the author

Alex Leith is a Barcelona-based sports and travel writer who contributes to The Independent, The Guardian, Time Out and the Times Education Supplement. He has written several sports books including Ryan Giggs: Genius at Work (Andre Deutsch) and Over the Moon Brian: The Language of Football (Macmillan) and written for numerous sports magazines including Men's Health and Four Four Two.

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